ICO Award Application
The award application process has been streamlined to make this process fast and easy for your organization to be considered for an ICO award.

If you have any questions or issues, please email awards@ilcouncilorchestras.org
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Please upload the following docments and files

One document containing (titled "APPLICATION"):
  • updated contact information (phone/fax/email)
  • name of person submitting application
  • name of Board President or other officer with knowledge of this application

Additional supporting documents:
  • History (Brief description of organization’s or individual’s history)
  • Brief nomination statement: (Why does this organization/individual deserve this award?)
  • Please attach a two-page narrative (10 point font or larger) describing your reasons for nominating this organization or individual for this award
  • You are strongly encouraged to upload a recent recording of your organization’s performance (audio or video)
  • You are strongly encouraged to upload a reasonable amount of supporting material
  • Press photos
  • Contact information for press in your area
  • Links to video performance online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that we may link to in our press release